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Britain examining anti-ship missile solution for Ukraine
00:54, 27.04.2022 |
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Britain is looking at ways to supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine, including mounting its 'Brimstone' missiles to vehicles, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.

Asked what anti-ship weaponry Britain was planning to send to Ukraine to support it against the Russian invasion, Johnson said:

"One of the systems that we're looking at ... is to see if we could mount some Brimstones on the back of technicals (vehicles) to see if that will do the job."

He also said there were other options under consideration.

Brimstone missiles have previously been used by British forces in Libya and Syria, and are typically launched from fast jet aircraft. Their manufacturer, MBDA, says they can be used against fast-moving land and sea targets.

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19:24, 14.06.2022
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