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David Babayan: There is much to learn, much to do
16:48, 09.05.2022 |
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To win victory, a colossal strain of moral, physical and spiritual potential is really needed. But the preservation of victory, its ideals, goals and results requires the same stamina. The only difference is that society feels the acuteness and importance of victory, all the risks and dangers, it is ready face hardships and challenges to achieve it when there is a war. But in peacetime, this understanding, unfortunately, does not always happen. The population may lose vigilance and immunity to no less dangerous enemies, such as selfishness, greed, inappropriate and then hostile attitude towards national values, patriotism, etc. In this situation, we can not only lose all the results of victories, but simply disappear. Yes, there is much to learn, much to do.

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16:42, 23.06.2022
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