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Japan bans exports of hi-tech goods to Russia starting from May 20
10:24, 13.05.2022 |
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Japan has decided to ban the exports of high-tech goods – such as quantum computers, 3D printers and electron microscopes – to Russia, the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry said on Friday.

“Amid the international situation around Ukraine, our country is making a contribution to the international efforts for ensuring peace in the whole world, for settling this issue, as well as imposes a ban on the exports of high-tech goods (quantum computers and 3D printers) to Russia in line with the government’s decision as of May 10. These measures enter into force on May 20,” the ministry said.

The list of the goods, banned for the exports to Russia, includes oil refining equipment, quantum computers and their components, electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, 3D printers and their consumables, equipment for the production of organic light-emitting diodes, equipment for the production of microelectromechanical circuits, equipment for the production of high-efficiency solar cells for hydrogen fuel and renewable energy, vacuum pumps, refrigeration equipment designed for extremely low temperatures, materials that make it difficult to detect electromagnetic waves, and other equipment.

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