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Belarus bans sale of Orwell’s book “1984”
18:30, 18.05.2022 |
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Belarus banned the sale of George Orwell’s book “1984”, writes “Nasha Niva” with reference to a copy of the relevant order.

“Remove all versions of Orwell D.’s book 1984 from sale. Report on execution no later than May 19,” the document says.

The novel was first translated into Belarusian by the translator Sergei Shupa in 1992. In 2020, the novel was republished by Andrey Yanushkevich’s publishing house. An additional edition of the work was released in 2021. In the state network “Belkniga” dystopia was in fourth place in the list of best-selling booksindicates edition.

On May 16, in Belarus, after a search in the bookstore “Knigauka”, Andrei Yanushkevich was detained and 200 books were confiscated from him. Law enforcement agencies also intend to check the publishing house for sources of funding.

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