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The Senate overwhelmingly approves $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, sending it to Biden.
23:06, 19.05.2022 |
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The Senate on Thursday gave final approval to a $40 billion emergency military and humanitarian aid package for Ukraine, as the United States deepens its support for an increasingly costly and protracted fight against a Russian invasion.

The measure will bring the total American investment in the war to roughly $54 billion in just over two months. The Senate approved it overwhelmingly, on a vote of 86-11, in the latest reflection of the remarkable bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for a massive investment in Ukraine’s war effort, which propelled the spending package through the House last week.

President Biden was expected to quickly sign it into law. His administration and Ukrainian leaders had pressed hard for its swift enactment, warning that they would run out of aid by Thursday if Congress failed to act.

The measure’s relatively smooth path through Congress has demonstrated how the searing images of suffering in Ukraine, coupled with fears about Russian aggression spreading beyond the country’s borders, have — at least for now — overcome resistance from both parties to American involvement in war abroad.

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