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The Ministry of Education and Science intends to abandon the Bologna system of higher education and create its own – The Moscow Times
00:06, 25.05.2022 |
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The Bologna system of education is a concept adopted in a single educational space for the leading European countries that signed the Bologna Declaration in 1999. Currently, 49 countries are participating in the Bologna process. The system assumes comparability of educational programs. Most often, these are two-level programs – undergraduate (4 years) and master’s (2 years).

Each country participating in the Bologna system undertakes to issue, free of charge, to all graduates of universities of the countries participating in the Bologna process, European supplements of a single sample to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Adoption of the system this made it easier to hire specialists and verify the specialty of an employee in other participating countries: it is easier for Russian students to continue their studies or work abroad with it.
In favor of abandoning the Bologna system Vice Speaker of the State Duma Petr Tolstoy, First Deputy Chairman of the Chamber Committee on Science and Higher Education Oleg Smolin (KPRF), former Minister of Education, President of the Russian Academy of Education (RAO) Olga Vasilyeva, Rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichy, Chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Russia Sergey Stepashin, and head of the LDPR faction in State Duma Leonid Slutsky.

The State Duma proposed to deprive Russians of the opportunity to study abroad
According to Tolstoy, the war in Ukraine was an occasion to “rethink the future path of development of Russian society.” In his opinion, it is necessary to return to the old education system in order not to “suffer an ideological defeat” and not “lose a whole generation.”

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