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Johnson invited Zelensky to create an alliance against Russia
11:24, 27.05.2022 |
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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to create a new international alliance directed against Russia, Corriere Della Sera reports, citing sources. Mr. Johnson announced his initiative during a meeting with the Ukrainian President in Kyiv on April 9th.

According to the publication, the British prime minister wants to create a “political, economic and military union” that will be an alternative to the European Union (EU). The new alliance, according to his idea, will unite countries dissatisfied with the EU policy, as well as Germany’s actions in response to Russia’s “military aggression”. The alliance will be led by the United Kingdom, and should also include Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and later Turkey.

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13:00, 02.07.2022
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