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Why Germany will wear the women’s uniform for the Nations League match with England
22:18, 07.06.2022 |
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Germany will wear the uniform of its women’s national team during tonight’s match with England.

The UEFA Nations League is set to be broadcast live on talkSPORT with upcoming coverage from Adrian Durham, Jim Proudfoot and Dean Ashton at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Germany hopes to put in a great performance against England in Munich
The women’s uniform is manufactured by Adidas and released earlier this year as Germany’s uniform for this summer’s UEFA Women’s Championships.

The competition is scheduled to run from July 6 to July 31 and will be held in various stadiums across England.

As a way to boost the German women’s team’s efforts, the German Football Association has announced that the men’s team will wear the jersey for the remainder of the Nations League matches.

Germany isn’t the only country that has boosted its women’s team efforts, with Belgium and Spain taking a similar approach.

While Hansi Flick’s side are hoping for a good result at home, England are looking to put in a positive display after receiving criticism for perceived negative tactics, something Gareth Southgate contested.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT host Adrian Durham, he said: “Well, we’ve been the top scorers in Europe over the last year and goals in every game, because obviously we’ve played more matches because we’re in the final. [of Euro 2020]. But in terms of goals per game, I think only the Dutch have scored more goals.

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