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The former Prime Minister of Britain complained about the humiliation of Putin
17:48, 19.06.2022 |
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Former British Prime Minister Brown complained that Putin forced him to sit on a low chair

President of Russia Vladimir Putin understands only manifestations of force, says the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown. AT interview The politician told BBC News that the Russian president allegedly humiliated him and forced him to sit on a low chair. Quote leads Daily Mail.

We are talking about a meeting of politicians during Brown’s visit to Moscow in 2006, then he was not yet the country’s prime minister, but served as head of the treasury. According to Brown, he was deliberately put on a low chair so that he had to look up to Putin. In addition, the Russian politician allegedly had a whole folder with a dossier on the ex-premier.

“He pulled out the documents and began to read aloud all the information that was there about me, as if he wanted to prove to me that he knows me more than I know myself,” the Briton said, adding that even then Putin really scared him.

Gordon Brown was British Prime Minister from 2007 to 2

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