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To the US and EU Ambassadors to the Republic of Armenia,
18:54, 20.06.2022 |
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Dear Ms. Tracy,
Dear Ms. Wiktorin,
Today Ruben Vardazaryan, the suspended President of the Supreme Judicial Council of the Republic of Armenia, publicized a recording, the authenticity of which has not been questioned by any of the parties.
The recording contains elements of criminal offences, interference in pending criminal cases, as well as literal threats in case of refusal to fulfil specific demands. We have voiced the existence of such phenomena in Armenia many times only to encounter your silence. These circumstances are to be examined by the law enforcement bodies, to which however, according to the recording, the well-known member of the Supreme Judicial Council, Gagik Jhangiryan, in fact feels entitled to give mandatory instructions.
The recording also contains a promise to interfere in political activities, the consequences of which are in fact recorded, including through allegedly fair and transparent parliamentary elections. Gagik Jhangiryan, the person vested with exclusive authority in charge of the judiciary, confesses that he has undertaken to interfere in the political activities of Robert Kocharyan, leading the pre-election list of the "Armenia" alliance, and the ARF. It is noteworthy that on the day of the snap elections, June 20, 2021, as well as in the pre-election and post-election periods, we have voiced the obviously biased, dependent behavior of the judiciary towards the opposition political team over and over only to face your silence again.
Thereof we expect that you should:
Publicly express your position on the publicized recording and the real state of the judicial and law enforcement system in Armenia;
Publicly express your position if the judicial reforms applied and expressed by Gagik Jhangiryan still enjoy your support.
Failure to provide answers to the above-mentioned questions in a short period of time will be considered by reasonable logic as evidence of your support regarding the stated vivid unlawful atrocities.
The copy of this letter has been forwarded to all the ambassadors accredited in Armenia.

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