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European Commission bans Poland from spending EU money to isolate gays
18:48, 23.06.2022 |
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The European Commission (EC) has banned Poland from spending money from European Union (EU) funds to fund regions that have declared themselves “LGBT-free”. This is reported RIA News with reference to the human rights organization Campaign Against Homophobia.
According to the organization, the European Commission has made a provision in the Partnership Agreement with Poland, prohibiting the financing of a number of local governments. We are talking about bodies that adopted resolutions aimed at isolating gays.
“Thus, municipalities and regions with ordinances excluding LGBT+ people will not receive anything from the 72.2 billion euros from the funds for the implementation of the cohesion policy,” the human rights activists said. An employee of the organization, Miroslava Makukhovskaya, suggested that this decision would lead to the abolition of the decisions of the Polish authorities against the LGBT community.
Poland is known for its rejection of gay people: it ranks last in terms of tolerance for LGBT people among all EU countries. In 2019, representatives of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party in Poland spoke out in support of Gazeta Polska, which issued stickers with the inscription “Strefa wolna od LGBT” (zone without LGBT). Later, the authorities of a number of Polish regions declared their territories “LGBT-free zones”.

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