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People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Sosnovsky dies
09:30, 04.07.2022 |
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People's Artist of Russia, theater and film actor Sergei Sosnovsky died in Moscow at the age of 68, according to the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov.

“Today, July 3, after a serious illness at the age of 68, the People's Artist of Russia Sergei Valentinovich Sosnovsky passed away”, — The report says.

Sosnovsky was born on January 1, 1955, in the village of Mokrusha, Kansk District, Krasnoyarsk Territory. In 1977 he graduated from the Saratov Theater School named after I. A. Slonov, after which he worked at the Saratov Theater for Young Spectators and the Saratov Drama Theater.

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