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Russian invaders destroyed a warehouse with humanitarian aid in Nikolaev
16:06, 21.07.2022 |
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During the night attack on Nikolaev Russian invaders destroyed a warehouse with humanitarian aid.

This was announced by the chairman of the Nikolaev regional military administration Vitaly Kim.
“At 3 o’clock in the morning, the Russian invaders hit one of our humanitarian headquarters with 2 rockets. Thousands of tons of products intended for children and the elderly were completely burned,” he informed.

Vitaly Kim also showed on video what was left of one of the warehouses with humanitarian aid.

The head of the OVA also showed the moment when enemy missiles hit the humanitarian headquarters.
As UNIAN wrote, at night the mayor Alexander Senkevich reported that powerful explosions were heard in Nikolaev.
Subsequently, the chairman of the UVA said that on the night of July 21, the Russian occupiers fired seven S-300 missiles at Nikolaevcausing significant damage.

According to him, one victim is currently known, more detailed information is being specified.

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