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Ukraine will buy DJI Matrice 300 and FlyEye UAVs for $7,127,000
17:44, 25.07.2022 |
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According to the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, the AFU will soon have super drones.

What we know
The Drone Army Project has signed several contracts worth UAH 260,500,000 (or $7,127,000) to buy 78 DJI Matrice 300 multicopters. These drones boast artificial intelligence technology. Thanks to it, multicopters are able to record high-quality video, focus on targets and identify potential danger.

In addition to the DJI Matrice 300, the Drone Army Project will also purchase 2 ground systems for 20 kamikaze drones Warmate. Monobank recently purchased them for the AFU.

Another purchase will include 20 FlyEye UAVs. It is one of the best reconnaissance drones in the world. It can fly at 160 km/h. The FlyEye has a maximum range of 50 km.

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