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Biden’s Ultimatum: “Playing with Fire Burns Us”
23:48, 28.07.2022 |
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The phone rings 5 ​​times. US President Joe Biden is on one end of the phone, and Chinese President Xi Jinping is on the other end. The expected two-hour or more telephone interview is in the midst of diplomatic tensions inspired by the possibility of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which has never denied sources in the financial era that the Democratic Party is about to suspend. It is in. On a conflicting island from Beijing during his tour in several Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia) in August.

Calls between the leaders of the two countries have been planned for some time, hoping that the U.S. President will maintain an open dialogue with the Chinese giant with the aim of relieving tensions and strengthening diplomatic relations as a whole. I was out. -Low time. John Kirby, White House National Security Spokesperson, said yesterday, “Keeping the line of communication with the President of China open, the most we have in the region and around the world. It’s one of the important bilateral relations. ” Telephone interview.

The future of US-China relations will be determined this week
Many topics were discussed, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which China did not blame, economic competition, US tariffs on certain products imported from China, and the supply of semiconductors.

According to the Chinese press, the two leaders engaged in “detailed communication and exchange on the issue of Sino-US relations and mutual benefit” in a conversation defined as “deep and clear.” This is not surprising in the Beijing communiqué. The message is the same as that delivered in the previous exchange between the two superpowers.

The Chinese president urged Washington not to consider China a “strategic competitor and rival” in order not to compromise bilateral relations. As expected, Taiwan’s problems were central to telephone conversations. “The international community facing a turbulent world expects China and the United States to play a leading role in maintaining world peace and security,” quoted President West. Read what you read. For Chinese leaders, it is the responsibility of the two major powers of China and the United States to address issues such as “world food and energy security,” recession risk, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

The President of the People’s Republic emphasizes the importance of keeping dialogue open on key issues such as macroeconomic policy coordination, global industrial and supply chain stability, and global food and energy security. did. Xi, read by the Chinese communiqué, also described technological segregation that could not “help” the revival of the US economy and make the world economy more vulnerable to Chinese leaders.

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