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China warns U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi against visiting Taiwan
10:36, 02.08.2022 |
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China said on Monday that it would take “firm and strong measures” in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expected arrival in Taiwan, as a war of words over the latest flashpoint in US-China relations escalated.
Beijing’s representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, spoke shortly after the White House appeared to shift its stance towards Pelosi’s reported trip to Taiwan, saying that the US will “not be intimidated” by China.
“This visit is provocative, and if [Pelosi] insists on making it then China will take firm and strong measures to safeguard our national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Zhang said. “We allow no one to cross this red line.”
Pelosi is expected to spend the night on the island, CNN quoted an unnamed senior Taiwanese official as saying, and Bloomberg reported that she is scheduled to meet with Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, on Wednesday.

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