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Ukrainian Military Liberated 7 More Settlements In Kherson Region From Occupation
19:48, 02.08.2022 |
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The Ukrainian military completely freed seven more settlements in Kherson region from the Russian occupiers. This is reported by acting chairman of the Kherson Regional Military Administration Dmytro Butrii on the air of the telethon.
Only yesterday, Butrii stated that the Armed Forces liberated 46 settlements from the Russians, but today this number has already exceeded 50.

"As of today, it was officially confirmed liberation of 53 settlements. We provide this information only when it is agreed with the General Staff. Because before the complete liberation, the military is still carrying out certain demining actions," Butrii said.

He also emphasized that it is still too early to return to the de-occupied settlements of Kherson region, as the Russians are constantly shelling the liberated territories.

We will remind that on June 13, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation showed that the country is dealing with absolute evil, so Ukrainians have no other choice but to liberate all their territories.

We also reported that the day before, the Armed Forces announced the continuation of a successful counteroffensive in Kherson region.

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