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President Harutyunyan chaired an expanded sitting of the Security Council
20:00, 02.08.2022 |
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On August 2, President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan convened an expanded sitting of the Security Council with the participation of political forces of the National Assembly.
The situation created on the line of contact the other day was on the discussion agenda. Minister of Defense Kamo Vardanyan delivered a report. According to the minister, the tension continues to persist in a number of sections of the line of contact, and the Defense Army is in control of the situation without any casualties or positional losses.
The next issue on the agenda of the sitting concerned the corridor connecting the Artsakh Republic to the Republic of Armenia. The Azerbaijani side, made a claim through the peacekeeping contingent deployed in Artsakh to organize the traffic via the new route in the near future.
Steps to be taken in the current situation were discussed at the sitting of the Security Council, including ensuring safe traffic with the assistance of the Russian peacekeeping troops.
[Central Information Department of the Artsakh Republic President's Office]

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