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A new war is brewing in Africa
21:42, 07.08.2022 |
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Chad closed his border with Sudan after an exacerbation of relations between the two countries in connection with the murder of 18 people in Sudanese territory, reports Al Hadath.

The border is closed by the Chad authorities for an indefinite period. At the same time, Sudan sends to the border with a child in the Sudanese state of West Darfur additional army units. The length of the joint border between the two countries is 1.4 thousand kilometers, it passes through the eastern regions of the Sahara desert.

On Saturday, the Foreign Ministry of Sudan called the ambassador of the child due to the fact that, according to the Sudanese authorities, 18 shepherds from the Western Darfur were killed by the Chad. The shepherds were looking for their camels in the border zone of the child, who were stolen by unknown from a neighboring country. On the way back, shepherds fell into the territory of Sudan and were killed. Events caused an acute reaction of the state of the state of West Darfur, which demanded that the central government restore order on the border between the two countries.

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