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Turkish newspaper reports details from Rubinyan-Kilic contacts
12:51, 12.08.2022 |
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The Turkish Hurriyet newspaper reports some information about the contacts of the Armenian and Turkish special representatives for normalization Ruben Rubinyan and Serdar Kilic.

Rubinyan and Kilic met 4 times (once in Moscow and 3 times in Vienna).

Hurriyet reported citing an anonymous source from the Turkish foreign ministry that Rubinyan and Kilic had more than 500 phone talks so far.

“Officials from the ministries of transport, trade and foreign affairs of the two countries will discuss the technical aspects of the steps taken within the scope of the normalization process, according to sources,” Hurriyet reported, stating that the next meeting will take place in September.

On August 11 however, the Armenian foreign ministry said there is no agreement on the next meeting so far.

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