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Finland's Sanna Marin takes drug test after party video is leaked
12:42, 20.08.2022 |
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Finland’s prime minister said on Friday she had taken a drug test and reiterated she had never used illegal drugs, following the publication of video footage this week that showed her partying with friends.

Sanna Marin, 36, also said her ability to perform her official duties had remained unimpaired on the Saturday night in question and that she would have left the party had she been required to work.

The leaked video, which shows Marin dancing and partying with a group of friends and celebrities, has been shared widely on social media and local media, sparking criticism.

“In recent days, there have been quite grave public accusations that I was in a space where drugs were used, or that I myself used drugs,” Marin told a news conference.

“I consider these accusations to be very serious and, though I consider the demand for a drug test unjust, for my own legal protection and to clear up any doubts, I have taken a drug test today, the results of which will come in about a week.”

The Social Democrat leader has previously said she was “spending an evening with friends” and that the videos were “filmed in private premises”.

Finland's Sanna Marin takes drug test after party video is leaked
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