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Carousel with children collapsed in the Czech Republic
13:30, 04.09.2022 |
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During mass festivities in the Czech city of Haviřov, a chain carousel collapsed. 17 people were injured, most of them children. The incident took place on Saturday, September 3. Czech Newspapers.

It is noted that the accident occurred around 15:15 in the city center. It was a more extreme version of the chain carousel. The structure with seats towered over the central column to a height of about 15 meters.

As we descended, the rotation should have ended, but due to a technical malfunction, this did not happen.

Police said people were injured when the ride hit the ground but continued to spin.

“They were injured because they crashed into the railing. We are investigating what exactly happened,” said a Moravian-Silesian police spokesman.

Carousel with children collapsed in the Czech Republic
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