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Plans for the Queen's lying in state and funeral
21:42, 10.09.2022 |
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Details of the timetable of official events are beginning to be revealed following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest ever reigning monarch.
Here's what we expect to happen in the days ahead, including the journey of the Queen's coffin from Scotland, her lying in state next week and her state funeral on Monday 19 September.

The Queen's coffin will depart Balmoral estate on Sunday at 10:00BST for the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh - the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland.
It will be transported slowly by hearse via Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth before lying in the palace's Throne Room until Monday afternoon.The King and members of the Royal Family will accompany the coffin in procession at 14:35BST to St Giles' Cathedral, where a service will be held. The Queen will lie at rest at the cathedral for 24 hours until Tuesday, allowing the public to view her coffin.
The coffin will then depart the cathedral at 14:00BST, to be flown back from Edinburgh to London, ready for the lying in state. Princess Anne will accompany the Queen's body, Buckingham Palace says. e in Westminster Hall for four full days before her funeral on Monday 19 September, allowing members of the public to file past and pay their respects.
The grand hall is the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster, at the heart of British government.
The last member of the Royal Family to lie in state in the hall was the Queen Mother in 2002, when more than 200,000 people queued to view her coffin.The Queen's coffin will rest on a raised platform, known as a catafalque, beneath the 11th Century hall's medieval timber roof. Each corner of the platform will be guarded by soldiers from units that serve the Royal Household.
On Wednesday 14 September she will be brought to Westminster Hall from Buckingham Palace in a slow procession, accompanied by a military parade and members of the Royal Family.
People will also be able to watch the procession as it passes through the streets and big screens broadcasting events are likely to be set up in London's Royal Parks.
Her coffin will be draped in the Royal Standard and once in Westminster Hall it will be topped with the Imperial State Crown, orb and sceptre.

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