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''Any status within Azerbaijan is unacceptable and impossible''. Artak Beglaryan
11:42, 16.09.2022 |
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There are non-negotiable benchmark truths for the people and authorities of the Republic of Artsakh, in particular:
1. Issues related to the future of Artsakh should be decided primarily by the Armenians of Artsakh, where the role of the entire Armenian people is also important given the exclusive role of Artsakh for the Armenian nation and statehood.
2. The Azerbaijani-Artsakh conflict should be settled on the basis of the full realization and recognition of the right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh, with the aim of achieving international recognition of independence.
3. Any status within Azerbaijan is unacceptable and impossible, because:
• Historically, Artsakh is exclusively the homeland of the Armenian people, and Azerbaijanis cannot usurp it by falsifying history;
• The people of Artsakh have been self-determined in favor of building a free and independent state and we are the ones who decide our destiny;
• The centuries-old Turkish-Azerbaijani genocidal policy towards Armenians and especially the continuous and growing anti-Armenian policy of the last decades, simply existentially excludes any status of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan.
4. Our occupied territories must be returned, and displaced citizens must return to their native homes.
5. Artsakh and Mother Armenia should have a direct, reliable and sovereign land connection with each other.
6. We are ready to preserve and protect our values acquired at the cost of heavy sacrifices: statehood, national dignity and the freedom of creating and living in our own homeland.
7. We also prefer and are ready for the peaceful and stable development of the region, based on the principles of respecting the rights and dignity of all peoples and states and excluding the use of force.

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