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Starlink стал доступен на всех континентах планеты
23:42, 20.09.2022 |
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SpaceX’s internet service Starlink is now available in all seven continents including Antarctica. The development was confirmed by SpaceX in a tweet. SpaceX retweeted a tweet by the National Science Foundation and wrote, “Starlink is now on all seven continents! In such a remote location like Antarctica, this capability is enabled by Starlink’s space laser network.”
The National Science Foundation said that US Antarctic Programme (USAP) scientists are “over the moon” after increasing the bandwidth and connectivity for scientific support. NSF tweeted, “NSF-supported USAP scientists in Antarctica are over the moon! Starlink is testing polar service with a newly deployed user terminal at McMurdo Station, increasing bandwidth and connectivity for science support.”

SpaceX’s Starlink is a high-speed, low-latency internet service provided through highly advanced satellites operating in a low orbit. Users get a Starlink kit comprising Starlink, WiFi route, cables and base.

Meanwhile, US-based wireless carrier T-Mobile and SpaceX announced Starlink satellites, to be launched next year, can connect directly to the 5G phones over existing cellular brands. Starlink satellites will utilise T-Mobile’s mid-band spectrum to create a new network.

Mid-band or C-Band is used for 5G rollout since it can balance both capacity and coverage.

Musk said, “SpaceX’s next-generation Starlink satellites, the first of which is planned to launch on SpaceX’s next-generation Starship rocket whenever it is fully devevloped, will have larger antennae that will allow connectivity directly to mobile phones on the T-mobile network.”

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