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Arayik Harutyunyan: Today, Armenians are once again facing new serious challenges
10:48, 21.09.2022 |
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Dear compatriots,

Today is the 31st anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia. It symbolizes the loyalty of the Armenian people to the universal and national values, their freedom-loving spirit and unwavering will to fight for these values.

A strong, flourishing and developed Motherland is the cherished dream of all Armenians in Mother Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. And uniting around that dream is the imperative of the day and the only right way to translate it to life: we have no alternative.

Today, Armenians are once again facing new serious challenges, which are a threat to the Armenian statehood, national identity and the future. The moment is crucial for our people and the Armenian world having centuries-long history and civilization.

So, let's all together, single-mindedly and steadfastly, full of faith and wisdom, stand up for the independent Armenian statehood, keep it strong and inviolable, for the sake of the sacred memory of all our martyrs and generations to come.

Peace and prosperity to our Motherland and people!

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12:01, 15.11.2022
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