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RA presented new facts to the International Court of Justice
16:24, 21.09.2022 |
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On September 19th the Office of the Representative of Republic of Armenia on International Legal Matters has transmitted a follow-up letter on behalf of Armenia to the International Court of Justice about the continuing violations by Azerbaijan of the Court’s Order indicating provisional measures of 7 December 2021, in the framework of the case concerning the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Armenia v. Azerbaijan), presenting further graphic evidence of Azerbaijan’s abuse of Armenian prisoners of war and desecration of fallen Armenian soldiers, including information about the Armenian prisoner of war Davit Gishyan who has been tortured and murdered in Azerbaijan’s custody, also showing further illustrative examples of the pervasive anti-Armenian hate and reiterating its urgent request that the Court modify its Order.

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09:18, 24.11.2022
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