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Secretary Blinken’s meeting with People’s Republic of China State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi
14:36, 24.09.2022 |
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Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken met today with PRC State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the margins of the 77th UN General Assembly in New York City. The Secretary discussed the need to maintain open lines of communication and responsibly manage the U.S.-PRC relationship, especially during times of tension. He emphasized that the United States is committed to maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, consistent with our longstanding one China policy. The Secretary stressed that preserving peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait is critical to regional and global security and prosperity. He also reiterated the United States’ condemnation of Russia’s war against Ukraine and highlighted the implications if the PRC were to provide support to Moscow’s invasion of a sovereign state. He underscored that the United States remains open to cooperating with the PRC where our interests intersect.

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22:36, 12.04.2024
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