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Blinken: US has a plan in case Russia uses nuclear weapons
11:00, 26.09.2022 |
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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that Washington has developed a plan in case of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia. The US is in direct contact with Russia on this topic.

Mr. Blinken responded positively to a CBS reporter’s question about whether the United States has a plan in case Russia uses nuclear weapons. “We spoke very clearly publicly and privately about stopping empty talk about nuclear weapons,” said Mr. Blinken. To a clarifying question about direct contacts with the Kremlin, the Secretary of State answered positively. “It is very important that Moscow hears from us and learns from us that the consequences will be horrendous,” he added.

The US Secretary of State did not discuss specific measures that Washington could take. In his opinion, such a development of events would have “catastrophic consequences, of course, for the country that used it, but also for many others.”

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