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''I offered Ruben Vardanyan to assume position of Artsakh State Minister''. Arayik Harutyunyan
14:36, 04.10.2022 |
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Dear compatriots,
I would like to inform you about a significant decision made by me.
I offered Ruben Vardanyan, a philanthropist, highly experienced and knowledgeable public figure, whose decision to move to Artsakh I welcomed among the first, to assume the position of State Minister of the Artsakh Republic, ready to grant him broad powers of making decisions and acting.
One can write a long story about Ruben, touch upon his courageous decisions, devotion to the Motherland and people. However, today is exclusively the time to act and I am waiting for his decision on my offer. I hope we will start our cooperation in the coming weeks. I will inform about more details further on.
This, for sure, does not mean I do not appreciate the work of acting State Minister Artak Beglaryan, but taking into account the existing challenges, I consider it necessary to unite the entire national potential.

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11:06, 04.12.2022
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