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US is concerned about pace of development of nuclear weapons by China: War in Ukraine is warm-up, - WSJ
20:00, 06.11.2022 |
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China is developing nuclear weapons much faster than predicted. And this causes obvious concern in the USA, where they believe that this may become a "problem of the near future", since the war in Ukraine is "only a warm-up" in this respect. Source:

"This Ukraine crisis that we're in right now is just a warm-up," Navy Admiral Charles Richards, commander of the US Strategic Command, told a conference this week. "And it won't be long before we're going to be tested in ways we don't know subjected to for a long time".

According to him, China's deterrence policy is "slowly sinking" like a ship because China is advancing in the production of nuclear weapons faster than the United States.

"It's sinking slowly, but it's sinking because basically they're getting their capabilities into the field faster than we are. A slow descent is hardly a consolation. As long as these curves continue, it's not going to matter how good our commanders are or how good our horses - we won't have enough of them. And this is a very immediate problem," the admiral noted.

Richard noted that America maintains an advantage in submarines, "perhaps the only real asymmetric advantage that we (in the US. - Ed.) still have."

But even that advantage, according to the military, could disappear if America doesn't pick up the pace by "fixing the maintenance issues and starting new construction," for example, as Richard suggested, three Virginia-class fast submarines a year "would be nice." beginning".

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