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Melania Trump’s former lawyer wins Slovenian presidential election
10:48, 14.11.2022 |
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A former lawyer for ex-First Lady Melania Trump won Slovenia’s presidential election on Sunday.

Natasa Pirc Musar pledged to bridge the divide between left and right in the nation of 2 million as she became the first woman to win its presidency.

She represented Trump in a 2016 lawsuit in Slovenia against Suzy magazine over an article implying that the ex-first lady had been a high-end escort during her career in international modeling. The parties settled out of court, according to BBC News.

Trump also sued the Daily Mail, which quoted the Suzy article and amplified the allegations, for $150 million. The newspaper then retracted the story. Attorney Charles Harder, who also represented Hulk Hogan in his defamation suit that bankrupted Gawker, represented her in the U.S. case.
In Sunday’s runoff, Musar, an independent, beat conservative former Foreign Minister Anze Logar with 54% of the vote. She was backed by the country’s center-left government, BBC reported.

“My first task will be to open a dialogue among all Slovenians,” said Musar, 54. “In the democratic election, Slovenians have shown what kind of a country they want.”

She is Slovenia’s first female president since the country became independent following the breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991.

“All my life I’ve advocated the same values: democracy, human rights, tolerance,” Musar said. “It’s time to stop dealing with the past. Many things have to be done in the future.”

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