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,,In the most difficult, fateful time the greatest activity are shown by true patriots and extreme non-patriots,,: David Babayan
00:06, 20.11.2022 |
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In the most difficult, fateful time, when the fate of the country and people is at stake, the greatest activity and zeal, how paradoxical it may seem at first glance, are shown by true patriots and extreme non-patriots. Moreover, both of these categories are completely sincere in their motives. The former wants to do everything to save the people and the country. The latter sees a great opportunity to squeeze the last juices out of the doomed, in their opinion, country, warming up their hands well and realizing that there is nothing, and no one, to present an account for this.
At the same time, both categories are ready for self-sacrifice. Patriots are even ready to give their lives for it, non-patriots – to embark on the path of image self-destruction, sacrificing their souls for the sake of profit.

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