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France’s Bonduelle to continue operations in Russia, observe sanctions, says company head
22:30, 24.11.2022 |
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Bonduelle has no plans to leave Russia because it considers it important to continue providing food not only to Russia, but also to other countries, which receive products made in Russia, Chief Executive Officer of the French company Guillaume Debrosse said on Thursday.

"Obviously we assess changes in the situation each day, but we have three plants located there. We have decided to stay as food, just as pharma and agriculture, is a crucial sector. We have no wish to add to the geopolitical crisis with a food crisis. We feel a sense of responsibility and we understand that <…> all Central Asian countries receive products from three of our plants in Russia," he said in BFM TV live broadcast.

When asked about the presence of "ethical issues" related to the continued operation of a Western company in Russia, Debrosse replied in the negative. He stressed that Bonduelle’s mission is to "feed people, not to wage a war against Russians, Kazakhs or Central Asia." "We would like to be sure that as a producer of demanded products, we continue this food mission and observe the requirements of international sanctions, even if it is obviously difficult to continue this work," the CEO noted.

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