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The Czech Republic is preparing to choose a new president after ten years of Zeman
10:36, 13.01.2023 |
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Friday and Saturday the citizens of Czech Republic they will vote to elect a new president. The electorate is called to choose a successor to the outgoing president, Milos Zeman, who has reached the end of his second consecutive five-year term and, therefore, is unable to reapply. After the withdrawal of trade unionist Josef Stredula, eight candidates remain in the running, but the general attention is directed to three of them, those most favored to win: the retired general Peter Paul, the former prime minister Andrew Babis and the economist Danuse Nerudova. Since it is expected that none of the candidates will be able to obtain an absolute majority already in the first round, the most probable hypothesis is that the two most voted on 13 and 14 January will compete in a second round of balloting in two weeks' time, on 27 and January 28th.

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