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Statement on renewed disruption of natural gas supply to Artsakh
19:30, 18.01.2023 |
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On January 18, 38th day of the blockade of Artsakh, Azerbaijan again disrupted the operation of the Armenia-Artsakh gas pipeline under their control, depriving the 120-thousand population of the Republic of the opportunity of heating and using hot water.
It should be stressed that the disruption of gas supply by Azerbaijan has become periodic. In particular, gas supply was interrupted in March 2022 for more than 20 days, on 13 December, just next day of the ongoing blockade, for 3 days, as well as on 17 January, 2023. In addition, the Azerbaijani side continues to deliberately obstruct the repair of the only Goris-Stepanakert high-voltage power transmission line under their control, which has been damaged on 9 January.
The ongoing blockade of Artsakh organized by the Azerbaijani authorities, creation of unbearable living conditions for the people and aggravation of the humanitarian crisis are aimed at one goal – to destroy the people of Artsakh as such by cleansing Artsakh of Armenians. In this way Azerbaijan is trying to finally close the issue of individual and collective rights of the people of Artsakh.
In this context, both individual and collective actions by the international community should be aimed at early warning. We therefore call on the community of states to take all necessary measures to immediately stop Azerbaijan's genocidal actions against the people of Artsakh, in line with their universal obligation to prevent the crime of genocide.
[Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Artsakh]
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