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''We are at the most fateful period of our history''. Davit Babayan
09:12, 23.01.2023 |
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Often we can see a very interesting situation which is often difficult to understand for ordinary people, and sometimes even for politically mature people. And this is skillfully used by those who play the appropriate game. The essence of the question is the following dilemma: can we consider voicing he right ideas, slogans and notions so pleasing to the people and society as criteria for honesty and decency, patriotism and devotion to national interests?
The most dangerous periods in this context are the fateful times, when the number of "figures" voicing the right ideas and approaches is growing exponentially. This is quite objective, because the more difficult the situation in the country is the more society is looking for saviors, the more people are waiting for good news, the more the nation becomes sentimental. And it is precisely at such a time that the number of demagogues, speculators, scoundrels and infiltrated elements, pursuing their narrowly selfish personal political, financial and other goals drastically increases, consciously or unconsciously helping the enemy. They are a kind of false prophets. But, do false prophets or representatives of the "dark" forces voice vile goals from the very beginning? No, of course, they appeal to the ideas of goodness, justice, fraternity, patriotism, correct and holy concepts, yelling foaming at the mouth about their commitment to these ideas and their willingness to sacrifice themselves for them. And only at the very end, when everything is already going as they themselves plan, the true goals and objectives of these objects and subjects are revealed. Unfortunately, at this stage sometimes it is either too late to change the situation, or ameliorating the situation requires enormous losses and sacrifices.
Of course, in fateful times there are also normal and honest individuals in society, true patriots and people devoted to the nation. However, the specifics of politics are that in the time or ordeal it is the false prophets who appear to be the noisiest and very numerous in number.
Meanwhile, the neutralization of false prophets and demagogues is absolutely necessary, moreover, without this it will be impossible to neutralize external threats of an existential nature. Yes, we must understand that without self-purification, without getting rid of various kinds of wickedness, it will be impossible to save the country. When we talk about voicing the right and dear ideas, it is important to understand that there are a number of key components that must be taken into account. First, it is a factor of time and place. The same idea expressed at different times can have a completely different impact, can create more threats than eliminate them. This does not in any sense mean that national ideas and aspirations should be abandoned or consigned to oblivion, not at all. This means avoiding speculation with these ideas, voicing them for no reason, which can also devalue them.
It is also very important who voices these ideas. True patriots and professionals, people whose heart and soul really aches for the people and the state, will not every day, every hour uninterruptedly crackle about their devotion to ideals, readiness to sacrifice themselves for the people, shamelessly publicly advertise it. Here everyone should ask himself one question. Who is this figure or figures, what does he or they want to achieve, how in practice they have proved their commitment to all this. In practice means during his conscious life, in his area of specialization. Our society is relatively small and it is very easy to know who is who. In addition, it is quite obvious that we must stay away from loudmouths and boasters, moreover, such elements must be kept as far as possible from the system of public administration.
The key here is that decent people should no longer be shy and show excessive modesty. We are at the most fateful period of our history, and patriots must unite, stigmatize and neutralize false prophets, demagogues and rogues. The Fatherland is in serious danger, and even passivity here is tantamount to betrayal.

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