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German Ministry of Defense keeps 320 Leopard 2 tanks in its warehouses, - CNN
23:24, 24.01.2023 |
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The German army has 320 Leopard 2 tanks in service, but has not disclosed how many of them are ready for combat.

As the Ministry of Defense representative explained, these Leopard 2 tanks, all series A5, A6, and A7, are at different stages of the state, repair, and readiness for deployment.

The German army is no longer in service with Leopard 1, which is an older series of a main combat tank, she said. Similarly, the German army has more old LEOPARD 2 models such as A4.

Separately, the RheinMetall arms manufacturer stated last week, which has 139 Leopard tanks in stock, but only 29 Leopard 2 will be in a state of combat readiness this spring. Theoretically, these 29 cars could already promise third countries in the framework of tank exchange.

The rest of the tanks, according to the company, can be prepared for transfer for a longer period of time.

The RheinMetall representative on Tuesday reported CNN that there are 88 Leopard 1 tanks, several of them can be delivered in about nine months and the rest in a year.

Another German weapon manufacturer, FFG, has 99 tanks, but only an older Leopard 1 series, CNN said.

According to Bloomberg, Germany can give Poland permission to re -export the LEOPARD 2 tanks of German production in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, it became known that Germany received Poland's request on re -export of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

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