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Anadolu reports on Turkey's plans to supply floating power plants to Ukraine
18:30, 26.01.2023 |
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Turkey will supply floating power plants to Ukraine, they will be able to cover the needs of one million households, their placement in the ports of Moldova and Romania is allowed, Anadolu Agency reported.

"Turkish company Karpowership has signed a memorandum of intent with the Ukrainian national company JSC Energy Company of Ukraine (EKU) to supply 500 MW of floating power plants to this country. The company's floating power plants will be able to meet the electricity needs of one million households," the agency reports.

The floating power plants can be located in the ports of Moldova and Romania and supply electricity to the Ukrainian grid through these countries as a basic solution. Karpowership and EKU will hold talks with the Romanian and Moldovan authorities on the implementation of this solution.

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