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ZULALI as the opening film at Nantes International Film Festival
00:06, 01.02.2023 |
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ZULALI, a state supported full-length feature by Hayk Ordyan, will be screened at the Nantes International Film Festival (Univerciné Nantes), which kicks off in France from February 7 to 12. The festival will host the first screening of the film on February 7 at the opening of the festival, the second screening will take place in the competition section on February 8. It is worth mentioning that ZULALI is featured on the festival’s main poster.

The National Cinema Center of Armenia congratulates the film’s creative and production team and wishes them continuous success.

The film is a three-part story, which reveals a great family tragedy. One can never feel lonely or stay alone in a remote village. People overcome all vicissitudes of life, pain and suffering together, spreading love and not losing hope for tomorrow. A family lives in such a remote village - an elderly aunt, a boy, Nazaros, and his mother, Zulali. Little Nazaros keeps thinking about weird Zulali or his grandfather, who did not live to be a hundred years old, or some other things that interest him.

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