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Opening of land border with Turkey will lead to high economic growth, says Armenian Minister of Economy
11:06, 03.02.2023 |
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Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan says Armenian businesses will feel the “positive effect” if the land border with Turkey gets opened. Kerobyan also spoke about possible air trade. “According to our information regular air cargo flights aren’t operated yet,” Kerobyan told Armenpress when asked on the possible economic impact of Turkey lifting the ban on air trade with Armenia. “And, to be honest, given the proximity of the countries it’s possible that there won’t be any [regular air cargo flights], because the land transport connection through Georgia is rather affordable. And at first glance, air [cargo] connection isn’t too attractive,” Kerobyan said. However, he did not rule out that some products will be transported by air.

“Nevertheless, cargo is transported on passenger flights too, which is basically a type of air cargo transport. There are no cargo planes yet, and perhaps there won’t be any. We aren’t too worried about that,” the minister added.

Asked on the economic impact of the possible opening of the land border with Turkey, Kerobyan said: “The opening of the border with Turkey will lead to high economic growth, because the Turkish market and the opening of connections will give broad possibility, access in terms of shipping goods to both the Turkish market itself and to countries in the Middle East. All of this shouldn’t be viewed in a local, small picture. This is a small part of a larger picture. And if the geopolitical circumstances get arranged in our factor and eventually we reach that moment, then I am sure that all businesses in Armenia will feel the positive effect.”

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