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StateDep: The use of force to resolve disputes is never acceptable
11:30, 07.03.2023 |
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Ned Price, spokesman for the United States Department of State, today during his briefing commented the terrorist atack of azerbaijani forcen in the terriroty of Artsakh, March 5, He mentioned that USA is following reports of a shooting incident on March 5th inside Artsakh which killed five individuals. And stressed that there can be no military solution to conflict, and the use of force to resolve disputes is never acceptable. “The only way to sustain peace is at the negotiating table and to – and the use of force undermines negotiations”, added Price.

Ned Price said that the continued dialogue and discussion between Armenia and Azerbaijan is imperativ for them.

Price also declared that The U.S. are not going to put themselves against any other offer of mediation, and that, in fact, they are not a mediator. The U.S. is a partner to the two countries.

“We are not doing this as a means by which to compete with Moscow. We are doing this in an effort to bring about the settlement and resolution of a longstanding dispute between these two countries, and unfortunately a dispute that has consistently taken lives, just as it did on March 5th. Our interest here is in peace and security. It’s in the interests of the people of Armenia and Azerbaijan as well”, Price concluded.

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