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EU calls on Azerbaijan to open Lachin corridor
13:48, 08.03.2023 |
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The EU delegation issued a statement at the offices of the UN and other international organizations in Geneva expressing its concern over the situation in Lachin, as the obstruction of free movement through the corridor affects basic human rights in Nagorno-Karabakh, including health, food, education and other rights.

"The EU calls on the authorities of Azerbaijan and all responsible persons to guarantee the freedom and safety of movement through the corridor, in accordance with the tripartite statement of November 9, 2020, and to fulfill the 2023 International Court of Justice. the requirements of the decision of February 22", said in the statement.

The EU also called on Armenia and Azerbaijan to continue the dialogue on the peace process, noting that they expect it to be continuous.

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20:12, 08.05.2023
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