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"I will sue the Armenian Govenment". Aram Gabrielyanov
15:24, 09.03.2023 |
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Journalist Aram Gabrielyanov made a publication on his Facebook account in which he apologized to his listeners about the cancelled lecture in Yerevan.

According to him, Armenia is corroding "from the rust of betrayal and reproach before Turkey. They are trying to destroy the fraternal relations with the Russian Federation and the Russian people. He also added that he knew “Pashinyan is not Batman, but that he is so shallow and cowardly, even he didn’t expect”.

Gabrielyan also said that there will still be hope. The important thing is that at least ten percent of real Armenians go on struggling for the Motherland. Teach their children and grandchildren to love the homeland of ancestors, to be proud of the history of the ancestors' homeland.

“Also, I’m suing the Armenian government and I’ll make sure they let me into Armenia. I don’t know if Pashinyan knows who his great-grandfather is, but my great-grandfather Nikolai was the priest of the church in Tatev”,-stressed Gabrielyanov.

Later it became known that the Armenian Government banned Aram Gabrielyanov from entering Armenia.

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