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Jordan's Princess Iman is radiant in opulent lace-trimmed wedding dress – first photos
21:36, 13.03.2023 |
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Princess Iman bint Abdullah and her new husband Jameel Alexander Thermiótis tied the knot on Sunday 12 March 2023 in a beautiful ceremony.

Queen Rania's lookalike daughter looked stunning for the occasion, dressed in a beautifully embellished bridal gown complete with a high neckline, long sleeves and lots of gorgeous lace detailing.

She opted for glowing makeup that included radiant skin and long fluttery eyelashes and wore her brunette hair tied back. Take a good look at her breathtaking gown below...

Unlike her mother, who ditched a traditional bridal tiara in favour of an embellished hair accessory around her intricate updo back in 1993, Princess Iman stepped out in a classic royal headpiece.

This comes after she was pictured posing for portraits in Queen Rania's sparkly diamond tiara just days ago. The Jordanian royal posted a sweet montage on Instagram ahead of the royal wedding, which included everything from baby photos to tiara moments and wedding dress fittings. She wrote in the caption: "The first time I held my baby girl, I knew my life would never be the same. In a week, she will be a bride. "My precious Iman, I am so happy for you and so proud of everything that you are. Thank you to the very talented @elissazkh and to the brilliant @imarwankhoury for this wonderful gift and for your amazing ability to capture sentiments so beautifully."

Iman left royal fans questioning whether she would pay tribute to her mother on her big day after her meaningful Henna party ensemble. For the pre-wedding party, the 26-year-old looked gorgeous in a white dress with billowing sleeves, created by Reema Dahbour, a Jordanian designer with Palestinian roots.

Around her waist, Iman wore the belt that Rania wore on her own wedding day to King Abdullah. The belt, like the rest of Rania's wedding attire, was made for the Queen by designer Bruce Oldfield.

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