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House Oversight Chair Comer quietly subpoenas bank records for Hunter Biden business associates
10:06, 14.03.2023 |
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House Oversight Chairman James Comer has quietly subpoenaed Bank of America asking for records relating to three of Hunter Biden’s business associates, the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Jamie Raskin, disclosed in a letter sent to Comer on Sunday.

The subpoena was broad and called for “all financial records” spanning 14 years, beginning in 2009, according to a copy of the letter obtained by CNN. Bank of America has since turned over a considerable number of materials in compliance with the subpoena, a source familiar with the communications told CNN.

The subpoena specifically targets US citizen John Robinson “Rob” Walker and other associates of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who formed a “a joint venture” with executives of CEFC China Energy, a now-bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate, according to the letter.

Bank of America declined to comment. CNN has also reached out to an email associated with Walker.

The sweeping subpoena marks an escalation in Comer’s investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. The Kentucky Republican has said accessing financial information for the Biden family and its business associates is a top priority as he seeks to investigate alleged influence peddling, particularly surrounding any of the family’s foreign business deals. The president has denied any involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

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