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This is the upcoming WhatsApp bomb of the year: Check it
17:54, 14.03.2023 |
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WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, is set to introduce a new feature that has been long-awaited by its users: message editing. After several leaks, the company has finally revealed that it is in the process of rolling out this feature. WhatsApp has already made some significant changes in recent times. Such as the deletion of messages for everyone and the new multi-device mode. And now, message editing is the next big thing.

This feature has been a dream for some users and a nightmare for others. While it will give people the ability to make corrections to typos or grammatical errors, it may also be in use to change the meaning of a message, leading to potential misunderstandings or disputes.

WhatsApp has been working on the message editing feature for some time now. And many have had the opportunity to test it. They confirm that the feature is straightforward to use, and it works quite well. To edit a message, you need to long tap on the message until you select it. And then choose the edit option from the context menu.

Once you have selected the edit option, you will see a preview of your message, with a typing box just below it. You can then make any changes you want to the message. And what you write below will be sent as an edit to the message, replacing the previous text. You can edit a message as many times as you want. As long as it is within the grace period for editing, which is currently at 15 minutes.

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