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Trump: I will end Ukraine war in 24 hours but I won’t tell you how
11:00, 28.03.2023 |
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Former President Donald Trump on Monday wildly claimed that he could resolve the war in Ukraine “within 24 hours” of leading peace negotiations, but he refused to reveal how.

Trump, 76, made the eyebrow-raising comment in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that aired Monday night. The ex-president said that if the war is not over by the end of the 2024 presidential election, and he were to be reelected to the White House, he would “within one day” have a peace deal in place.

Trump argued that negotiations between himself, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin would be “easy.”

“If it’s not solved, I will have it solved in 24 hours with Zelensky and with Putin, and there’s a very easy negotiation to take place, but I don’t want to tell you what it is because then I can’t use that negotiation,” Trump vowed, not so much as hinting at what his negotiation strategy would be.

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