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French woman to face trial for insulting President Macron
19:12, 29.03.2023 |
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A woman who allegedly insulted French President Emmanuel Macron will be tried on June 20, according to media reports.

Valerie, a yellow vest protester, was arrested and placed in custody on March 24, the La Voix Du Nord newspaper said Tuesday.

She was suspected to have written "Macron trash" on a wall in her town of Saint-Omer in northern France and posted similar messages on social media.

"Trash will be talking to you tomorrow at 1:00 pm, for the people who mean nothing. We always find the trash on the TV," she reportedly wrote on Facebook.

Valerie told police she wrote a pun-based message which was automatically corrected by her phone.

She was taken to the prosecutor who told her she will be tried for insulting a public authority representative.

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