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PACE recognizes deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia as genocide
20:18, 27.04.2023 |
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The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has called the deportation and forcible transfer of Ukrainian children by the occupiers to the territory of the Russian Federation “genocide,” and also called on the International Criminal Court to consider the possibility of criminal prosecution of this crime.
That’s according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

The corresponding resolution "Deportations and forcible transfers of Ukrainian children and other civilians to Russian Federation or to Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied: create conditions for their safe return, stop these crimes and punish the perpetrators" was adopted during the debate at the PACE’s spring session.

Eighty-seven deputies out of 89 in attendance voted "for", one - "against", and another one - "abstained."

In its document, the Assembly called for "immediate and urgent action to be taken to halt the practices of unlawful forcible transfer and deportation currently being carried out by the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian population, and especially its policy and practices relating to the removal of children from their families and homes and their subsequent absorption into Russian citizenship, identity and culture. The Assembly highlights the need for the recording and monitoring of individual cases, both in order to permit mechanisms for rapid redress, and to collect evidence of accountability in order to bring the perpetrators, at all levels of responsibility, to justice."

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